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The administration and faculty of Hope Academy believe that all students learn differently, whether they have specific learning needs or merely need a learning environment that is geared towards them. Through the development of individualized programs and an understanding of varied learning styles, we believe all students can be academically successful.


It is the philosophy of Hope Academy that learning should be a pleasant experience and that when students enjoy learning, they have a better chance at reaching their true potential. We believe learning does not have to take place only in the classroom, and that a variety of valuable, meaningful experiences should be incorporated.


Hope Academy's website was created to help existing and prospective parents understand our concept of education and our methodology of realizing this concept. We encourage you to go through the pages of this site carefully and hope that you shall find it useful, informative and inspiring.


Hope Academy also offers an array of Clinical Services. We are a Licensed Health Care Facility (HPC/HCF/107) and one of the largest mental health facilities on island. Our services are offered to not only Hope Academy students but all of Grand Cayman. We services all ages and a range of difficulties. Hope Academy Clinical Services include:

    - Individual Counseling serving all ages

    - Family Counseling

    - Marriage & Couples Counseling

    - Psychiatric Services/ Medication Management

    - Parenting Assistance & Support

    - In-Home Interventions

    - School Observations & Interventions

    - Neuropsychological Evaluations

    - PsychoEducational Evaluations

    - Speech & Language Therapy

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