Five years ago, a friend pulled me aside after church services and told me that my daughter might have OCD.  I had already come to the realization that Amy had a serious problem, but I didn't know what.  I immediately went to the library and checked out a stack of books on OCD.  As I began to read, chapter after chapter, I shook my head.  It didn't sound like Amy.  And then I read the chapter on scrupulosity.  Bingo!  Then I focused on learning how to treat OCD.  All the current literature pointed to Exposure Ritual Prevention (ERP) therapy, a form of cognitive behavior therapy, as key to lasting improvement.  
Amy began therapy with an “OCD specialist”.   After months of treatment, they had not even begun 

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using ERP.  I questioned the therapist and was told “It doesn't’ work with Amy’s kind of OCD.”   When we left that therapist after five months, she said she wasn't’ even sure Amy had OCD.  Looking back on the time we wasted there, Amy feels that the therapist actually made her condition worse by giving her new rituals.From there I took Amy to a partial inpatient program specializing in OCD treatment.  While they utilized ERP, Amy would find herself working with a different person each day.  No one spent enough time with her to really understand her problem and while we paid for her to be there 3 hours a day, she was alone the majority of that time.  The very best thing we got from the partial program was the referral to Pauline.
I credit Pauline with giving Amy her life back.  There was a time when I wondered whether I would ever be able to send Amy to college; she is now excelling in a very rigorous program in an excellent university in another state.  We know that Amy’s case was a particularly difficult one to treat, but Pauline was persistent in finding a way to make progress.  We are so thankful to have found her!
I have since helped another OCD sufferer find a therapist in different city.  Knowing that ERP is so crucial in treating OCD, I asked each therapist I called whether they used ERP.  I was discouraged to find so many so called OCD specialists who do not.  Even more saddening was finding that some may say they utilize ERP, but in practice do not.
Pauline was always compassionate, but tough when she needed to be. She respected our choices regarding medication and our personal convictions.  She went above and beyond to help in time of crisis.  To put it bluntly, she knows what she’s doing and cares enough to get it done.
I have worked with Pauline for over seven years. She taught me all the proper 'tools' to help keep my anxiety down, and conquer all of my fears and help improve my control over my OCD. I am no longer a prisoner to my fears and I can use the tools she taught me anywhere at anytime no matter what the situation. She has also done her best to make herself available no matter where I was or how inflexible. She has also given me some very good advice over the years that sticks with me all the time. I am pleased the most with the fact that the tools she taught me have helped immeasurably and I didn't even have to go on any medication!   - Anonymous 

​Pauline came to my home to assist my house bound daughter.  She was only 9 years old with severe OCD